Zona R opens its doors in El Dorado, Bogotá

At MERA we are extremely happy to say that we finally took over the coffee-growing country with the official inauguration of the R Zone; the new space for the best food in the international pier of the El Dorado airport, ready to provide the best experience to the Colombian and their respective tourists from all over the world.

The inauguration of the R Zone took place on February 15 with the presence of our president Rafal Aguirre, the directors of both MERA and El Dorado, the press and of course the Vives brothers.

Being one of the most important airports in Latin America, serving more than 30 million passengers a year, the opportunity to continue growing in South America could not be missed. Mera El Dorado operates five of our main brands that give life to this R Zone. The best Colombian coffee is inside Amazonia Café, followed by the best pizzas and sandwiches from Wolfgang Puck with The Marketplace. The main attraction for the Colombian, with its best traditional dishes and the fortune of being able to say that we are the first franchise of Gaira Café, the famous restaurant of the brothers Carlos and Guillo Vives. We clearly couldn’t leave out Guy’s best burgers with Burger Joint and of course a piece of our great culture and Mexican food with the delicious Guacamole Ándele.

We hope that everyone who passes through the international pier of the Bogotá airport can enjoy the gastronomic offer of the R Zone and help us tell the world how delicious it is eaten here, how delicious Colombian food is and that MERA continues to bet on delight the palates of more and more people around the world.